What is ServCraft?


ServCraft is a web based repairs management tool that enables companies of all sizes to control the effective management of their workshop, thereby streamlining the repair process and experience for both the business and the customer. The system simplifies the repairs process into various stages, eliminating the need for manual and time-consuming work. ServCraft is dynamic in that it allows the client to customize the functionality to best suit their business needs. There is no limit to the amount of customers or repairs that can be loaded on the system.

ServCraft has been developed based on the requirements of various repair workshops and is currently implemented at power equipment repair centers. ServCraft is constantly evolving with improved functionality and enhancements based on ongoing requirements and changes in the industry. Being a web based system means that all clients benefit from upgrades and enhancements as no installation is required.

ServCraft has an advanced communications features that automate communication between the business and the customer through the use of sms and emails. Communication is used in all modules including the repairs process. A good example of this feature is the automated sending of sms and/or email reminder to customers for the collection of completed repairs. Through this functionality the frustration and cost of follow up with customers is made simple.

ServCraft also has various other modules that are available to assist in different functions performed by the business to improve and maintain high service levels. All modules utilise sms and email messaging to communicate with the customer at various stages and assist the business in automating and tracking the process.

ServCraft is designed with the core modules as standard and then based on the business need modules can be added when they are required. Module can be added at any stage after implementation without interfering with the current implemented functionality.