ServCraft features



Customer centric system for managing your customer database. Track customer history for all repairs, queries, warranties etc.

Cash Crusaders
“I am beyond impressed with the service I received from ServCraft! I spoke to an awesome guy, and he sorted me out in a matter of minutes. 5 stars for service!”

Job Card

Configurable Job Card process to manage inbound and outbound services and repairs. System generated Job Cards for clients and Technicians. Automated customer notification through the process.

Frontier Coffee
“I have changed my Job Card system to ServCraft. It is a really great tool.”


Give your technicians access to our Android mobile app. Take pictures on site. Record Job fault and get customer signatures. The app works offline so no internet access is required at your customers.

User Electronics
“As a business owner having my office in my pocket is brilliant. Thanks to ServCraft cloud base job card system, I have full control of my business.”


Load, allocate and track customer queries. Assign queries to relevant employees with automated notifications.

Xpress Repairs
“We have partnered with ServCraft over a year ago and the results we have seen in our practice has been amazing. As a business owner I recognised the need for control and a proper job card management system by allowing myself to use ServCraft job card system my issues on control is now a thing of the past. Well done ServCraft on your outstanding product.”


Create quotes that link to other modules such as Job Cards, Query etc. Email and SMS quotes direct from the system and receive replies back into the system via SMS replies and a website link.

“Before ServCraft, we had no idea of how many jobs we had at any one time. We spent more time trying to sort out papers than servicing clients. With ServCraft we are now on top of our jobs and are able to service our clients efficiently.”


Manage and keep track of Collections and Deliveries. Print driver schedules and proof of delivery sign off sheet.

“ServCraft has increased the professional feel that I am delivering to my clients. Just the tool I have been looking for all these years.”


Assign jobs to contractors or suppliers with automated notifications. Contractor portal for contractors and suppliers to interact with the system, including job history, uploading of invoices and recording of comments.

“If only every company in SA ran with the efficiency and brilliant service of ServCraft! :)”


Various reports for all the modules to assist in the management of day to day operations.

Xpress Repairs
“ServCraft has increased the professional feel that I am delivering to my clients. Just the tool I have been looking for all these years.”

SMS & Email Communication

Automated SMS and Email notifications to customers, contractors as well as employees. Customisable templates for sending messages.

Gadget Shop
“ServCraft has cut my telephone bill by more than half! Thank you ServCraft.”


Track customer purchases sold with serial numbers to ensure warranties are correct. Automated service notification based on time.

“ServCraft, customer service is excellent. Their constant dedication turn around times to their clients is remarkable. I recommend ServCraft job card system.”