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All your job and customer information in one place

Find anything quickly and easily with digital job cards linked to everything the job touches

We’ve transformed our customer experience with ServCraft. Instead of spending time looking for paper – we’re able to focus on solving customer problems and managing our workshop efficiently and effectively.


Pierre used to manage SnoMaster with paper and spreadsheets. Customers weren’t called back. Teams were out of control. Quotes and invoices were forgotten. It wasn’t great.


Then Pierre met ServCraft

ServCraft features built for service workshop 

Customers can reach out at any time, whether you’re in the field or at the office. Keeping track of queries can be a challenge. ServCraft captures all your leads in one place wherever you are allowing you to never miss an opportunity.

No more waiting until the end of the day for your paper job cards to come back to the office. ServCraft enables you and your technicians to capture and share job details in real time. Quotes and invoices can be generated on site, on the road or at the office. Customers can approve quotes and invoices directly from ServCraft allowing you to book the appointment, finish the job and get paid faster.

Are you tired of getting into the office early to hand job cards and schedules out to your technicians? ServCraft enables you to allocate jobs to technicians instantly. This means they know where to go and what to do without needing to come into the office. Feel like you’re in the field, even when you’re not with a real time view of where technicians are and what they are doing with ServCraft’s smart job card tracking. Add checklists and controls to make sure your customers get the same great service every time.

ServCraft’s job history means you’re always in the know of everything you’ve ever done for your customers. Let them know technicians are on the way with automated emails and SMS. Make your customer’s life easy with options to approve quotes and pay invoices directly from ServCraft.

ServCraft integrates with Sage, QuickBooks and Xero which means you’re able to seamlessly optimise your operations and your finances, without having to duplicate effort.

 We make it easy to organise your service workshop business and make your customers happy – all in one place 

ServCraft provides you with the tools to manage your service workshop business from behind your desk or out in the field with our desktop and mobile apps

No software experience required


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