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Job Management Software in the Cloud

Whether you are a one-man band or have teams in multiple locations, ServCraft’s mobile and cloud software platform will help you grow your business and make more money from happier customers.

Features that matter

ServCraft has a suite of features all geared to enhancing the efficiency and implementation of your jobs, without losing anything from bad paperwork or lack of communication.


Seamlessly create jobs via the mobile or desktop apps.


Create quotes on the fly, get them approved remotely.


Communication between office and call out staff.


Raise queries on jobs and client concerns quickly .


Ensure accountability with appointment scheduling.

Save time, avoid duplication

Benefits of using ServCraft

Every feature of ServCraft has been considered from the viewpoint of enhanced benefits to our clients and their customers, below are some of the benefits to you, your team and your customers.

Lead Capture and Reminders

Earn more money with more clients

Easily capture new leads and setting up recurring jobs. 

Win new customers with professional on-site quotes and streamlined communication.

Increased Productivity

Increase your work output

With technical systems in place taking care of the admin, enjoy more time to focus on the job and increase the work productivity.

Automated Communications

Quicker payment collection and settlements

Invoice immediately with automatic customer communications and avoid losing revenue from missed invoices.

Fully Cloud Based

Use anywhere at any time

Fully online and compatible across devices, the easy-to-use mobile app helps track your progress on jobs wherever you go.

Progress Reports

Happier customers, better retention

Offer customers a superior service with consistent progress reports.

Load all information, queries, and appointments, never missing anything important.

Messaging and Notifications

Better team management

Stay updated with your technicians, tracking their location and time working on jobs. 

All-Encompassing view

Everything you need in one place

Have full oversight of customer history and all relevant job information with the details stored in one location.

Comprehensive Integrations

Seamlessly sync your systems

Reduce duplicating work and integrate your accounting systems on one platform, compatible with Sage Accounting, Xero and Quickbooks Online.

See Yourself

14 day free trial

Start your no-commitment free trial and get access to all of ServCraft’s features for 14 days.

Save time, avoid duplication

For contractors, the less administration to worry about, the better.

ServCraft’s systems avoid the duplication of administrative work between call out staff, administrative teams and clients. The marriage of systems, with transparent and asynchronous communication, helps ensure everything is in place with all parties have full oversight of progress.

Your jobs, always with you

Fully Featured Mobile App

Focus on the job while you’re out and tend to the admin later. The user-friendly app makes light work of setting reminders, reporting and record-taking so that you can concentrate clearly on the task at hand without the worry of forgetting about invoices or contacting new clients at the end of the day.

Save time, avoid duplication

Save time and streamline your workflow today


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